6th Mindanao Toy Convention

The Hobby Cafe would like to thank all the guys who made this event possible. We were there having a blast with all the other Gunpla modelers and other hobbyists. Hope to see you guys again next year for the 7th Mindanao Toy Convention.

Note: If you want to grab photos, you may do so without our consent. However, we request that you do not crop out the watermark. This is our way of paying homage to the event.

DSC05838 DSC05822 DSC05820 DSC05804 DSC06122 DSC06116DSC06115 DSC06111 DSC06094 DSC06091 DSC06089 DSC06088DSC06081 DSC06070 DSC06068 DSC06066 DSC06061 DSC06058 DSC06037 DSC06036 DSC06018 DSC06016 DSC06001 DSC05998DSC05997 DSC05995 DSC05993 DSC05992 DSC05991 DSC05989 DSC05987 DSC05985 DSC05984 DSC05983 DSC05982 DSC05981 DSC05979 DSC05977 DSC05975 DSC05974 DSC05967 DSC05958 DSC05931 DSC05900 DSC05888 DSC05887 DSC05886 DSC05884DSC05883 DSC05882 DSC05881 DSC05880 DSC05879 DSC05878 DSC05874 DSC05873 DSC05871 DSC05868 DSC05866 DSC05864 DSC05862 DSC05860 DSC05858 DSC05854 DSC05852 DSC05848 DSC05847 DSC05840 DSC05839 DSC05837 DSC05835 DSC05833DSC05832 DSC05830 DSC05829 DSC05828 DSC05821 DSC05818 DSC05816 DSC05812 DSC05809 DSC05807 DSC05799 DSC05796 DSC05793 DSC05791 DSC05788 DSC05787 DSC05783 DSC05780 DSC05779 DSC05776 DSC05772 DSC05770 DSC05769 DSC05766 DSC05765 DSC05764 DSC05762 DSC05762


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